Prime Materials

A Gift of Mountains and Forests

Glass Processing

A Fire Art

Glass Workshop

An Area of Artistic Creation

Short history

Currently, the factory works with 140 employees, 100% manually manufactured products are for export to countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, USA and others.

The products made here are household items such as glasses, mugs, vases, bowls, plates, decanters, etc., and these can also be decorated or engraved.

The main raw material from which the glass is obtained is quartz sand, which together with other materials, at the temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, forms the glass paste.

This industry requires high energy consumption (gas and electricity) and workmanship, although it is an art, today’s young people are no longer attracted to these trades (glazier, sander, engraver or painter).

The fact that the glass factories are energy-intensive, along with the lack of qualified workforce, led to the closure of 80% of the glass manufacturing plants in Romania.